About Kontio

Kontio is one of the names for ”bear” in Finnish folklore. The bear was adored as The King of Forest. As it was impossible to say the word “bear” aloud, aliases such as Kontio were used instead. Kontiotuote Oy respects natural values and the offerings of the forest. Kontio Log House in many ways resembles the original bearer of its name: it is a stout creature from northern nature, well suited for many circumstances.

When close-grained northern wood, the latest production technologies and decades of experience are combined, the result is the concept of Kontio quality. Kontiotuote Oy in Pudasjärvi manufactures Kontio log houses and leisure dwellings. The company is a world’s leading manufacturer of log buildings. Kontiotuote Oy also manufactures log houses and leisure dwellings under the Kimara trademark.
Kontio is a part of PRT-Forest Group - technological pioneer in its sector. The strongest expertise has always been group’s ability to process wood and wood-based materials based on a thorough knowledge of timber construction traditions. Although PRT-Forest Group also combine its products with construction materials other than wood, everything is based on natural wood. Its many unmatched attributes give it a strong belief in the future.

KONTIO Quality

Company modern plant manages the whole manufacturing process from round timber to complete log houses. Automated production lines guarantee uniform production quality. State-of-art wood handling technology is used in the production process, enabling maximal utilisation of the raw material as well as minimal energy consumption. The Quality Assurance Staff carefully inspects each production phase. Exporting log buildings to many different climatic conditions and construction traditions has set great for product development. Factory Product Development Team continuously co-operates with the Resellers all over the world.

Close-grained northern wood is known in all continents. The company annually delivers more than 2000 Kontio log buildings to circa 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Russia. Kontio is a strong quality brand and a world pioneer in log construction technology. High quality, continuous product development, flexible production methods and reliable deliveries ensure that Kontio with its international designs has the capacity to respond to even the most demanding needs of customers.

Kontio is the biggest log house factory in the world.
“Kontiotuote” Oy guarantees its clients the highest quality of strong, natural and reliable Log Houses. Buildings with name KONTIO withstand to extraordinary storms and earthquakes, minus or plus temperatures.
From 2007 VIP DOM Ltd officially represent KONTIO on Bulgarian market.

For more information you see the advertising video or visit the web site of the manufacturer – www.kontio.com


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