About VIP Dom

About Us

VIP DOM Ltd holds certificate for exclusive representative of the biggest of the world and with the best quality log buildings manufacturer - KONTIO on Bulgarian market.

VIP DOM Ltd and partners invest in energy efficiency, ecological and healthy building in Bulgaria. You can feel the smell and colors of nature in your home situated close to beautiful Bulgarian landscape. Our team is ready to work for you and the polar bear – Kontio will protect your home for a long time.

Company activity covers log building, maintenance and management of unique closed residential, administrative and tourist complexes. Our team loves nature and aims to harmonize all projects to the environment, to safe and elevate your piece of land.

The unique live wooden home

The unique live wooden home is a present to the nature and you. Comfortable, luxurious and cosy houses are intended for connoisseurs knowing how and where to live. You can combine wood, stone, glass, floors, surfaces – the range of options is abundant. Our buildings are suitable equally for sea and mountain regions.

Man has used wood as a building material for thousands of years. The log house has not lost any of its attraction over the centuries, quite the contrary. Focused on combining a long building tradition with a modern spirit and technical, architectural and environmental advances, we set the trends with our houses, linking aesthetics and engineering know-how to warmth, healthy living and cosiness.

The leading idea

The leading idea of VIP DOM Ltd is qualitative low height building, preferred by lot of people and advised by many experts and psychologists. We consider that instead of hectic and stressful modern life, man needs harmony, rest and safety. Living and working in our log houses can be a good relief. The pleasant atmosphere generated by massive polar pine has a favourable impact on performance and health. This is and inspiring environment to work and relax in.

VIP DOM means exactly individual home according your wishes. We can build a part of your beautiful life – elite architectural ensemble of wooden massive house with own yard, barbeque, fireplace, swimming-pool and sauna. In log building you will feel wintertime warm atmosphere and summertime coolness. Finnish high technology and materials make your house durable and steady to serious earthquakes, humidity and fire.


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