For investors

Investment in hight quality

VIP DOM and partners Parallel Universe, Sinerflex together with banks and municipalities organize and build residential complexes, sport and tourist centers, country villages and one-family houses fully harmonized to the nature.
Parallel Universe Ltd develops draft and investment projects, marketing strategies and plans for organization and management of tourist and residential complexes with following complete advertising service.
Sinerflex Ltd activity concerns design, delivery, installation and maintenance of advanced engineering home systems and security systems (video surveillance, audio control, access control, fire alarms). Banks finances investment projects at best terms.
Our ability to build 20 log houses country village, for example, in 6 months gives real possibility to return the investments quickly, working with high quality and expensive natural materials.

The latest modern trend in building construction is managing full services residential complexes and country villages near the cities. Complexes include jogging and bike alleys, fitness, swimming pool, restaurant, shops, pharmacy, kindergarten, saunas, SPA and so on. The owners of the houses have at their disposal all things they need at one quite and natural ecological place in winter and summer time. The children will play in a green and safe yards, forbidden for outsiders.

Complex building

The best natural building material for ecological residential complexes, country villages and infrastructure buildings is the wood. It has genuine thermal insulation features, balances by unique way internal humidity and temperature in the house. Considerably (15 times) less energy is needed to build a log house compared with energy for conventional building. Therefore log houses technology protects nature.

The complex management usually is pursued by the investor for rent. Finnish Log House building is quick effective process. Besides that on Bulgarian territory there are no such ready complexes, challenge for contractors.

Some of most suitable standard house models for mountain and sea places are Calla, Rosa, Daphne 1 and 2, Claytonia, Thuja, Crocus and Tulip. Complement buildings could be Centaurea and Restaurant. You may add and several external sauna complexes and barbeques. In such green Garden of Eden each one house is self-contained.

Production quality

The quality of Kontio log buildings and advanced technology are proved in the north, south, east and west of earth at extreme low and high temperatures and humidity. Wooden houses adapt to environment, which makes them suitable for different projects.

These pretty small houses are cosy and comfortable in winter and summer time. Everyone will visit your complex again, because of the perfect rest and experience.
Our houses harmonize to nature and are suitable for building even in forest.
Team work of Kontio and VIP DOM, high wood quality, advanced Finnish technology, strength and reliability of log houses offer you life and rest in cosy, comfortable and ecological clear ambience.  

Kontio possesses several patents and log construction kits are certified according European standards and technical approvals, like ETA-05/0119. All products are CE marked too.
VIP DOM as exclusive representative of Kontio for Bulgarian market guarantees the quality and reliability of your hose.
Our architects and partners will help you to combine wood with stones and glass in your individual project. If you want to build well, quickly, reliably, clearly and ecologically we propose our experience, technology and products.


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