Living in a log house

Log house is good to breathe in!

According to recent research results, a log house has a very good indoor air. The insulation capacity of log is excellent, and it efficiently evens out heat and moisture in indoor air. Log binds moisture and evenly releases it back into indoor air during drier seasons (IBP Report HTB-04/2004/e, Moisture buffering effects of interior linings made from wood or wood based products).

Log also evens out temperature variations. In summer a log house stays cool, and in winter agreeably warm. During autumn and spring, log also collects energy from sunlight. 

Log is an individual and beautiful construction material that you can use in decoration to create a natural and warm wood surface. It gives your house an inimitably valuable and personal spirit.
A log building structures with its heat and humidity balancing properties ensures that the relative humidity of indoor air almost always remains within the optimal range in terms of indoor air quality (relative humidity 30 – 55%). Deviations from this humidity range considerably increase dust, viruses and bacteria in indoor air. 

Study: VTT 2001. C.J.Simonson, M.Salovaara & T.Ojanen. Improving Indoor Climate and Comfort with Wooden Structures.

The wood balances the indoor temperature

The wood balances the indoor humidity temperature. In your rooms during the wintertime atmosphere is warm and summertime you feel coolness. The positive emission of northern pine makes special comfort in the breathing home. Natural luxury presents in every detail of the house. The wood is unique building material, lends charm and adds an inimitable and individual touch to the interior. The warm shades naturally blend into other furnishing materials.

In a log home you live quite and healthy

Comfortable and luxurious rooms, energy effective wooden windows and spacious places are big advantage for a family to live in the best house – log type from Finnish polar pine. The opportunity your children to play free and grow in good health, without stress in clean air now is real and the best choice is Kontio Log House.

In a log home you live quite and healthy. The romance and cosiness in front of the fireplace can not be described they have to be felt.


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