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Luxury finnish log houses “kontio” from Lapland

The team of our company VIP DOM Ltd would like to offer at your attention ecological and high quality solid-built Log Houses.
We are exclusive representative on Bulgarian market of the biggest Finnish Log House manufacturer in the world – KONTIO. The quality without any compromise in these luxury products is at the root of ideology in our business. VIP DOM is the only company in Bulgaria, which imports 100% of the construction components from Finland. 
Over 30 years experience, using of selected materials, latest technologies in design, production, control and building raise the quality at unattainable for other companies level. The name KONTIO is a synonym for high quality all over the world.
VIP DOM experienced team had passed training in Finland, possesses excellent references and follows strictly building technology under supervision of KONTIO construction Engineer.
Our Log House constructions meet the European building norms, directives and standards and have quality and safety certificates, including CE marking. They withstand fire, extraordinary storms and earthquakes.
Natural luxury presents at every VIP DOM house, made from the oldest and best construction material – the wood. Wood creates unique atmosphere and beauty. It lends charm, cosiness and comfort to your home.
VIP DOM Ltd. is an exclusive representative of Italian manufacturer of revolutionary skirting board heating system Climaboard®. The most advantages of Climaboard® are uniform heating from the floor up to the roof of all space, miniature sizes (3 х 14сm), 30% higher efficiency in comparison with traditional radiators and many others. Climaboard® is an ideal solution for every home. It can work with any water heating source and electrical heating element inside the tube. The energy efficiency of Climaboard® is high and together with thermal heating pump you can achieve remarkable excellent economy. Using our solutions you will live in comfortable and healthy atmosphere. 
VIP DOM is at your disposal and is ready to build your home, summer house, residential or tourist complex according to individual or standard project. Our additional services include delivery and installing of barbeques, fireplaces, heating and cooling systems, building of pool and other infrastructural engineering systems.

Buying a log house with total area above 150 sq.m., VIP DOM  gives a present to you home video center with 47 ” LCD TV and others surprises from Lapland.

Characteristics and prices of finished log houses from catalogues

  1. Three styling concepts for log house interiors – Elegance, Classic, De Luxe
  2. The most ecological building
  3. Warm walls in winter time and airy in summer time
  4. Antibacterial feature of the pine wood
  5. Excellent passive controlling of the indoor climate without additional equipment
  6. Types of logs: rectangular, glued rectangular, round, glued round
  7. Delivery from Finland 100%. All components of the construction are manufactured by KONTIO in Finland from high quality close-grained pine wood
  8. Roofing – ceramic, concrete, metal or bitumen (according the customer requirement)
  9. Gutter system
  10. Chimney SCHIEDEL – Austria
  11. Floor heat and water insulation, Roof heat and vapour insulation, Cork sound insulation in intermediate floor, ILBRUCK Log Cabin Tape Sealant – Germany
  12. Windows – PROFIN, Finland. Soft Line products are made of the best parts of class A1 close-grained northern pine. The pine log is sawed lengthwise using the traditional Japanese masame-technology. Among the basic features in the design of Soft Line is the importance of the natural roundness and esthetic characteristics of timber. The products characterizes with high quality, safety, reliability, functionality and energy efficiency. Options to the goods are removable decorative lattice, blinds, fresh air ventilator, hinged or roller insect screen, horizontal slat shutters, locking.
  13. Windows and doors – Finland
  14. Wooden terraces, balconies, railings, stairs, roofing, ceiling, floor boarding
  15. Four layer wood surface protection coatings – SIKKENS
  16. Technical systems: Electrical cabling with fire-resistant cables in metal tubes, Electric switches and sockets - Schneider Electric, Internet, Telephone and TV cabling, Outdoor and indoor lightning protection systems, Videophone, Plumbing
  17. High efficient heating system with board type radiators with cooper tubes - FROG, Italy. Option – heating source (heat pump, air-condition, fireplace or other)
  18. Bathroom and toilet furniture, shower cabin, faucets, sinks, flooring and accessories
  19. Ceramic and granite tiles in wet rooms and entrance
  20. Delivery and building on Bulgarian territory
  21. Free of charge maintenance of wood protection coatings for the first three years

Options against additional payment

  1. Maintenance and service of wooden surfaces and protective coatings after the 3-rd year. We strongly recommend using of these services in order to possess superb home for a centuries.
  2. Construction of the foundation. The cost depends on the ground and the size of the house. The requirements to the foundation are high, therefore we prefer to do this work ourselves.
  3. Heat source – heat pump, air-condition, electrical convectors, fireplace.
  4. Video surveillance, security system, fire alarm, access control, satellite receiver.
  5. Complete internal design and furniture, home appliances.
  6. Assistance in architectural and construction design in case of individual project.


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