Manufacturing Process

At the Kontio receiving station, the logs are classified both visually and electronically (volume, length, diameter, straightness).
The sawing line of the Kontio factory consists of a metal detector, butt-end reducer, barking machine, computer-controlled reducer band saw (four band saw blades), semi-automatic chipping edge moulder, sorting line with 28 compartments and a battening/packaging machine. Bark and sawdust generated at the saw are used as fuel at the heat stations of Pudasjarvi and Oulu; chips are processed at the paper mill of Stora-Enso in Oulu.
After sawing, timber is machine-dried. There are 20 computer-controlled wood drying plants at the factory, each of them taking about 60 m3 of timber at a time. Timber billets are dried to 18% humidity, laminated log performs to 16% and panel preforms to 14% relative humidity (RH). Drying time varies from three days (22 mm surface boards) to three weeks (large-dimensioned round logs). Drying temperature is +65...70 °C. Drying air temperature, humidity and flowing speed are controlled by the computer according to drying programs developed separately for each product.
After drying log billets are planed to their final shape, as round or rectangular logs of different sizes. Also laminated log profiles are made in the log plane after gluing. The log plane is specially designed for the requirements of Kontiotuote Oy, and it is possible to plane square timbers of even 250x250 mm to the required shape. During planing, an environmentally friendly preservative agent is sprayed on log surface to prevent colour failures caused by mould and blue stain during storing and transport.

Kontio Log Houses – All over the World

The company annually delivers more than 2000 log buildings to 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Russia. Kontio is a strong quality brand and a pioneer in log construction technology. The excellent quality of northern wood as a building material is very well known in many parts of the world. Kontiotuote log buildings have aroused admiration in Irish riders, in Japanese golfers, in visitors to Thailand and many more. Proof for the Kontio capability is building of 285 log cottages in the Olympic Village Lillehammer in Norway in 1994.


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